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A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Carrom for Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to learn how to play Carrom for beginners, you’re in the right place! Here we will guide you how  you can play your favorite carrom board game as beginners. Carrom pool mod APK is a game that originated in India and has since gained popularity in many other parts of the world.

Game Overview

 One of the unique aspects of Carrom is the simplicity of the game. The game rules are easy to understand. All you need is a Carrom board, Carrom coins, and a striker. As a novice, it’s crucial to begin by learning the fundamental.

Learn how to hold the striker, how to position yourself, and how to strike the coins. To fully enjoy playing Carrom, it is crucial that you take the time to learn and understand the rules of the carrom game including fouls and how to score points.

By doing so, you can avoid confusion and have a more enjoyable experience playing. By committing yourself to practice regularly and being patient, you can gradually improve your Carrom skills and come up with innovative strategies to outwit your opponents.

carrom for beginners

How to play Carrom for beginners

Here are the steps on how to play Carrom for beginners:

1. Set  up the carrom board

In the 1st step of carrom for beginners you 1st need to set up the carrom board. A carrom board is a square shaped table made of wood. Keep the carrom board 28-29 inches off the ground. And make sure that the carrom board is placed on a smooth surface so that it is level and we don’t have any problems during the game.

2. Get to Know the Carrom Board Symbols

There are some symbols on the carrom board before starting the game it is very important to know about these symbols so that we can understand and play the game easily. We use small discs to play on the carrom board. 

All the carrom game discs must be placed in an order in the center of the board. Place the red coin in the center and everyone else places the coins around it. A carrom board has circular holes at its four corners, and discs are inserted into these holes during the game.

3. Understanding the Importance of Each Carrom Piece

A total of 19 carrom pieces are used in the game, which are divided into three categories: black pieces, white pieces, and the red piece. Red piece also known as the “queen”. The game consists of nine black pieces, nine white pieces, and one red piece. Each player has nine carrom pieces and one striker piece. 

The strikers are used to shoot the carrom discs to get them into the board’s pocket. In Carrom for beginners, each player has a distinct set of pieces – black and white, respectively. To score points, players use their striker pieces to shoot their pieces into the pockets on the board during each round of play. 

4. Start the game

To start playing the game, first set up the board by placing the queen piece in the center. Two or four players engage in a game of Carrom for beginners, who sit facing each other across the Carrom board. If there are four players, they can make a team and play against each other.

After the players have taken their positions, the next step is to place six pieces in a circular formation around the queen piece, making sure that each of the six pieces is in contact with both the queen and the other pieces on the board. Then place the remaining 12 pieces around the queen as well.

To make the board more attractive, arrange the pieces around the circle by alternating colors. Start with a red piece, followed by a white piece, and continue placing the rest of the pieces in the same order.

5. Practicing your grip on the striker

 Practicing your grip on the striker is essential because the striker is the key piece in Carrom. It is used to hit other pieces into the pocket. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, learning how to hold and hit the striker significantly impacts your gameplay.

Regular practice greatly enhances your ability to use the striker effectively. Hold the striker firmly but comfortably during play, and flick it instead of pushing it. Flicking gives you more control over the direction and force of your shot. When using the striker, it is important to remain seated and avoid any unnecessary movement.

You can use two types of grips to strike the striker. the scissor grip and the straight grip. If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you start with a straight grip. 

Straight grip: In this grip, the striker is held between your index finger and thumb. Place your index finger just behind the striker. Finally, aim at the piece you want to hit and flick your finger to make the shot.

Scissor  grip: In this grip, the striker is held between the thumb and middle finger and the index finger is used to support the middle finger. When assuming this grip, place your hand horizontally on the board and press your ring and pinky fingers firmly against the playing surface. Keep your middle finger behind your index finger to form an almost right angle with your other fingers. To make a shot, release your middle finger, which will cause it to move forward and hit the striker.

6. Who will start the game first?

Before starting a game of carrom for beginners, it is important to decide which player will go first. The first player is responsible for breaking the circle at the center of the board by taking the initial shot with their striker. A popular method is to flip a coin. By tossing the coin, you can decide which player will play first.

 If the player fails to pocket the coin on the first shot, he continues to take turns until he pockets the coin. During play, it is important that the player places the striker back into the rectangle before taking a new shot. As the game progresses, players take turns until they determine which colors are in whose pockets.

 At the beginning of the game, it is unknown which player’s pieces are black and which players are white, but this is fixed during the game. When a player pockets a piece of one color, he must pocket pieces of that color for the rest of the game. 

Carrom pieces also include a red piece, also known as the queen, which players must pocket. Players can only pocket the queen if they have pocketed a piece of another color first. The ultimate goal of carrom is to pocket all of your pieces into the pockets before your opponent does.

7. Who wins the game

To win a carrom game, players continue playing until the end of the first round. During a round of carrom, the player who pockets all his pieces first and manages to score 29 points first emerges as the winner.

Throughout the game, players take turns to shoot their striker, which they can only shoot from within their respective rectangular boundaries. When a player pockets a piece, he will continue to play and shoot his striker repeatedly. The player will continue to shoot the striker until he pockets a piece.

8. Rules for Queen

At the end of each round in the game, a red piece, usually called a queen, has to be pocketed by the player. The player must not only pocket the queen, but also “cover” it. The player has to pocket the queen according to the rules. Before pocketing the queen, the player must first pocket at least one of his pieces.

If the player fails to do so, the queen will be put back on the board again. However, if the player pockets one of his pieces before pocketing the queen, he has successfully covered the queen. Additionally, at the end of the round, covering the queen can earn the player points.

9. Enforce penalties on players for fouls

In carrom pool for beginners, there are several types of fouls that can result in a penalty for the player. Some common fouls include:

Striker foul: If the player strikes the striker without hitting any carrom men or the queen, they will receive a foul. This is often called a  striker foul.

Pocketing the striker: If the player pockets the striker during their turn, this is also a foul.

Queen foul: If a player pockets the queen and fails to cover it with one of their own carrom men in the same turn, they will receive a foul.

Collision foul: If a player’s striker collides with an opponent’s striker, this is a foul.

Touching the board: If a player touches the board with any part of their body or clothing during their turn, they will receive a foul.

The penalties for fouls vary but typically involve removing one or more carrom men from the board, forfeiting the player’s turn, or deducting points from the player’s score. It is important to establish the rules and penalties for fouls before beginning a game to ensure fair and consistent gameplay.

10. Finish the Game

 The game ends when one player has pocketed all his pieces including the queen and has scored more points than his opponent. If both players have pocketed all their pieces but have the same number of points, the game is a draw. 


In this guide, we have outlined the basic rules and techniques of Carrom for beginners, providing step-by-step instructions on how to get started. By following these instructions and practicing regularly, beginners can gradually develop their skills and progress to more advanced levels.

Overall, An excellent aspect of Carrom for beginners is that it allows you to have an enjoyable time with your loved ones while simultaneously enhancing your strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination skills.

As a beginner, focus on learning the basics and the rules of the game, and with time and practice, you can become a skilled Carrom player. To increase your chances of winning, practicing your flicking technique and learning how to use angles and rebounds to your advantage are important.