carrom disc pool mod apk

Carrom Pool Unlimited Coins and Gems mod apk 2024 for Android

Are you searching for a carrom pool mod APK with unlimited gems and coins, so here you can easily get it? Get the current version from our site and play this well-liked game at no cost. All you have to do is go through this article thoroughly and learn about every fact about this game.

Additional Information

carrom pool mod apk
NameCarrom Pool Mod APK
Size90.6 MB
Mode infoUnlimited coins, gems
Latest VersionV15.5.0
Get it onGoogle play
Last UpdateJan 03, 2024

Carrom pool game has a limited edition on the Play Store, but our site provides the modified version of this game with various features including unlimited gems, coins, unlocked levels, premium passes, pucks free, and other fantastic features that give players an edge in the game.

Carrom disc pool mod APK (unlimited money and gems) is a multiplayer game created by that can be played online or offline. It’s mostly played in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and some other countries of the world. The carrom board game has two distinct modes: Disc Pool and the traditional Classic mode. You can pick any mode that fits your needs.

The game is it’s well-optimized for Android, but if we play this carrom game on PC and IOS we still get decent results. Carrom has 4 holes located at the corners of the table. The objective is to pocket as many discs as possible into these holes the player who pockets the most discs wins the game.

Carrom makes your free time more enjoyable. A cool thing about this game is that you can play it with friends worldwide through the internet and also can chat with your friends and opponents while playing.


Unlike other games, carrom pool mod APK is very easy to play And when we talk about the graphics and features there is a deadly combination. The game has impressive 3D graphics and easy controls that capture the player’s attention. It feels like you’re actually playing real-life Carrom. 

carrom pool graphics

That’s why people like to play this game and we will get high-end gameplay due to this. Overall, the amazing 3D graphics of game play an important role in the gameplay of the Carrom Pool game and affect the player’s experience in a number of ways.

The Gameplay of Carrom Pool Game

Carrom Pool is a board game that is similar to the mechanics of billiards. Overall, carrom and billiards are similar in some ways. Carrom game is played on a flat, smaller board with holes in the corners and sides. Billiards is a game that is played on a higher, bigger table with pockets in the corners and edges.

In the game of Carrom, four players compete against each other using equal numbers of discs. Players take turns trying to sink their disks into the pockets in the corners of the table. Additionally, players can choose to place bets on the game with their opponents, with the goal of winning large prizes.

The Carrom board mod APK is also a great game for families and can be played by people of all ages. Also, the game is easy and can be played almost anywhere, making it a fantastic choice for entertaining guests or traveling.

 And Attractive graphics improve the overall game experience thereby increasing player enjoyment. In addition, clear and detailed graphics help players to better understand the game and make more informed decisions, as they can more easily see the positions of the carrom men and pockets on the board.

carrom pool

Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK

  • Unlimited coins and money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Played Online
  • Played Offline
  • Multiplayer game
  • 2 unique modes: disc pool and classic mode
  • Ads removed
  • Unlock pucks and strikers
  • Buy item from the shops
  • Unlocked all chest
  • Free to play
  • Compete with top players

Feature Explained

Unlimited Coins and Money

The best feature you will see in this mod version is that it provides unlimited gold coins and money. With the help of these coins and money, the progress of your game will be much faster and quicker. Moreover, this feature will save your time and swiftly level up.

Unlimited Gems

The latest version is now available for this game with unlimited gems and you can do so many things quickly when you have this power. These gems can unlock some other features of this game. Unlimited gems make your life easier and you can compete with your friends in carrom.


It’s compulsory to have an internet connection for playing carrom online. Playing online carrom is an amazing feature of this game. No matter your location. Additionally, even if you’re also traveling you can play games online with your friends, cousins, and family members.


In the absence of internet connectivity or WIFI, availability don’t be sad. The mod version of carrom provides a feature of offline playing games. In addition, Offline mode allows you to play carrom against the computer.

Multiplayer Game

In the carrom board game, 4 players can play at a time. You can play carrom along with your sibling, buddies, and social media friends and enjoy a lot. Compete with your buddies and win more coins and money. 

carrom pool game features

Ads Removed

If you’re a carrom enthusiast and the interruption of ads during the game annoys you. So don’t worry about it anymore, because this mod version of Carrom pool has removed all ads from the game. And now ads will never bother you while playing.

Free to Play

The Carrom pool mod APK is a free game which means a player does not need to pay any money to play the game. It is completely free for all game players you don’t need to pay any kind of money for it. Just download it free and play this game and enjoy.

Unlocked All Chests

This mod version of the carrom pool disc game provides the greatest feature of fully unlocking all chests. Download this mode version from our site and get all premium chests unlocked and free. These chests are pro chest, supreme chest, pro chest, master chest, and, Paris stage bronze chest, etc.

Buy Items From The Shop

The main menu of the carrom game has a shop section in the corner. Where players can purchase such items or features. Which helps them to play well and win the game. Do you wish to preserve your funds and use all these items for free? So there is good news for you, use our mod version or get all items or features free and unlocked.

Unlock Pucks and Strikers 

In the carrom game players use small disk-shaped pieces called “carrom men” or “pucks” and a larger, flatter piece called a “striker” to play. Our mod version of this game allows players to use special or upgraded versions of the striker and pucks for free.

Which may have different properties or abilities that affect gameplay. The goal of the game is to use the striker to hit the pucks and get them into one of the four holes located at the corners of the board.

Game Modes

Carrom Pool offers a variety of game modes to its players. With its diverse range of game modes, players can always look forward to something new and exciting, ensuring that they never get bored. Overall, the availability of multiple game modes makes Carrom Pool an enjoyable and engaging experience for all players.

carrom game modes

Practice Mode

This is a free practice mod for new players. This mode is designed to allow players to hone their skills and enhance their tactics without the pressure of competition. The practice mode may also offer various training exercises or challenges to help players hone their skills.

Disc Pool

This mode charges a small entry fee from all the players. Before the game starts, all the players bet a certain amount. After finishing the game, the victor takes all the money. New York, Mumbai, Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, and others are famous venues.

Play Carrom

The difference between disc pool and carrom is that disc pool has 12 troops and carrom has 13 troops. To be successful in the game. So you’ve to focus a lot on the red unit because it is the only one that can win you. You have to eat the red unit first to win the game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to win.

How to  install the Carrom Pool Mod APK on Android

 Download the most updated version of the Carrom pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems from our provided link. The procedure for downloading the Carrom game is a piece of cake.

Follow these guidelines to download and install the carrom game:

1. Get the Carrom Pool Mod APK latest version by downloading it from the link available on our website.

2. Click on the given download button and the downloading will start automatically. After the complete download, go to your phone file manager.

3. Select your downloaded file and open it. After opening the file, tap on the install button.

carrom pool game install

4. Now the phone will ask you to enable unknown resources.

5. Go to phone settings, then select the security option and enable unknown resources from there.

carrom pool setting

6. Next, press the ‘Install’ button and start the installation process. Allow the installation to complete. 

carrom pool game installing

7. Now, launch the game commence playing, and enjoy

open carrom pool game

System Requirements

 No special or advanced specifications are required to install and play the carrom pool game. Ensure that your device conforms to the minimum system specifications required for the game before installing it.

The installation process is effortless on mobile. To install this game your mobile should have at least 512 MB RAM to run smoothly. The requirements for the official version of this game are 4.1 or higher.

Watch Video How to Play Carrom Pool

YouTube video

Pros and Cons


  • Free to download
  • Practice mode
  • Easy to install and download
  • offline mode
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Variety of modes
  • Beautiful graphics and smooth control


  • No cons about carrom pool game

 What’s New?

  • Unlocked all pucks and striker
  • Unlocked coins
  • Added new features
  • All bugs have been removed from the latest update
  • Video chat option is available, allowing you to communicate with your friends and opponents while playing the game.
  • Engage in thrilling 2v2 team matches
  • Introducing a variety of fresh Mini Games
  • Enhanced controls for a smoother gameplay
  • Introducing the exciting Carrom Pass Perk
  • Play offline
  • Expect more exciting mini-games in future updates.
  • Win complimentary victory chests
  • Experience the all-new Events Lobby
  • Earn thrilling prizes without any cost
  • Made minor changes to the user experience.
  • V15.3.1 latest version
  • Take advantage of the free daily golden shots and win exciting prizes.

Personal Review

Carrom Pool is an Android game that has stunning graphics and a captivating gameplay experience. And it’s an addictive game if you play this game once, you can’t live without playing it again. One of the appealing aspects of Carrom Pool is that it is relatively easy to learn and can be played by people of all skill levels. 

Overall, Carrom Pool is a fun and enjoyable tabletop game that is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. It’s a great game for families and can provide hours of entertainment.


Overall, this article truly explains what you can have in this mode version and what kind of mod features are here. Carrom Pool mod APK is a game that is both fun and addictive. Furthermore, once you play it once, you will want to play it again and again and you will feel like you are actually playing carrom.

It’s great features and various game modes make its gameplay attractive. Additionally, Carrom offers us the chance to spend time and create lasting memories with our friends and family. In case of any difficulty, feel free to ask in the comments section. Stay connected with us, and don’t forget to share this game with your friends.


Yes, the carrom game is completely safe to play for Android devices. Download the virus-free and safe version of this game from our website play and enjoy.

V15.5.0 is the latest version of the carrom pool game released in August 2023.

Yes! This mod version of the carrom pool game includes a chat feature that allows you to communicate with other players during matches or in other parts of the game.

Carrom pool is a board game. Two to four players can participate in the game at a time.