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Carrom Board FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Carrom Board

Do you have any questions related to carrom boards that you want to know the answers to? Here we will provide answers to some common questions about carrom boards, these carrom board FAQs will help you to increase your knowledge.

carrom board faqs

Explore the Most Commonly Asked Carrom Board FAQs

If you are interested in knowing about carrom board. So definitely read our carrom board FAQs article . This article addresses frequently asked questions about carrom boards. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player looking to hone your skills, this article is a fantastic resource. 

It covers every common question about carrom board and even provides information about the history of carrom and its global popularity. Overall, by reading this carrom board FAQs article, you will be able to understand the carrom board better.

1. Who invented carrom board?

Carrom originated in the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century. Indian Maharajas invented the Carrom board and enjoyed playing it in their courts. During the 19th century, the carrom game gained popularity and further developed and improved.

2. How many coins in carrom board?

There are 19 carrom coins in the carrom game. These include 9 white coins, 9 black coins, and 1 red coin (also known as a “queen”). The object of the game is to use the striker to pocket all of your colored coins (whether white or black) and then pocket the red coin, while trying to prevent your opponent from doing so.

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3. Why do we sprinkle the powder on carrom board?

We sprinkle the powder on the carrom board to reduce friction. When we use powder on the carrom board the friction between the striker and board gets less. The powder helps to create a smooth, even surface on which the carrom pieces can glide easily, allowing for more precise and accurate shots.

4. What powder to use for carrom board?

Boric powder is used for carrom board. It helps to reduce friction between the carrom pieces and the board, making the gameplay smoother.

5. Which finger to use for carrom?

In the game of carrom, players use their index finger to strike the carrom pieces (also called coins) in an attempt to pocket them in the corners of the board. Players generally consider the index finger to be the most precise and accurate finger to use when striking the pieces, as it allows for better control and aims.

 However, some players may prefer to use a different finger, such as the middle finger, depending on their personal preference and playing style. Additionally, players may use different fingers depending on the type of shot they are trying to execute.

6. Which carrom board is used in tournaments?

International tournaments use a standard carrom board size which is 29 inches by 29 inches. The board is usually made of plywood or MDF. The surface of the board is flat and smooth, and the corners are slightly raised to make it easier for players to pocket the carrom pieces.

 Additionally, the board has four pockets, one in each corner, which players use to score points in the game. The board material and size are consistent across tournaments, this helps players to adapt to different boards and locations.

7. Why is wood best for the Carrom board frame?

Wood is the best material for the frame of a carrom board. A wooden frame provides a stable base for the carrom board, which is essential for maintaining a level playing surface. 

Wood is a strong and durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The most suitable type of wood used in carrom boards is quarter-sawn hardwood.

8. Why is carrom not in the Olympics?

The Olympics do not currently include carrom for a few reasons, one of which is that it is not considered a sport as it does not require a high level of physical stamina. Additionally, carrom is not widely played as a competitive sport on a global scale.

 9. What is the size of the champion carrom board?

The size of a champion carrom board is usually 29 inches by 29 inches. This is the standard size for carrom boards used in tournaments and competitions. This size is ideal for competitive play as it allows for precise shots and accurate movement of the carrom men (coins) across the board. This size is also known as the tournament size.

10. Which carrom board is best for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to look for a Carom Board 120 that’s made from formaldehyde-free wood and non-toxic paint. This type of board is perfect for recreational players and will provide a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

Carrom board 120 is most suitable for domestic use. Additionally, choosing boards made from formaldehyde-free wood and non-toxic paint is important for both safety and environmental reasons.

11. What is the full size of a carrom board?

74×74 cm size with 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) border is full-size for carrom board. Tournaments widely use the standard size of 74×74 cm with a 5-10 cm border and it is considered the norm in the carrom community.

12. How to make carrom board smooth?

Use silicon spray on the playing surface to enhance the carrom board smoothness. Additionally, it makes the board surface slippery which it easier for the carrom men and striker to move around. And also apply carrom powder on the board surface. It helps to reduce friction and make the surface smoother.

13. Where was carrom invented?

Carrom was invented in India, particularly in the northern regions of the country. The game was first invented during the late 19th century, and it quickly gained popularity not only in India but also in other parts of South Asia.

14. Is carrom a sport or game?

 Carrom is a game because it primarily provides fun and entertainment, and it does not necessarily require physical exertion. The game is played on a board and involves striking small disks called carrom men with a larger disk called the striker, into designated pockets on the board. Carrom requires skill and strategy to play effectively.


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