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Analyzing the world of carrom board: parts, objective and variations explained

What is Carrom Board?

Carrom board is a unique type of game board. The board is specially designed to play the popular Indian game Carrom pool and is usually made of wood. The surface area is smooth and square in shape. The dimensions of a board can vary, but they are typically either 72cm or 74cm square. 

The board’s height also matters for optimal gameplay. For a good gaming experience, it is important to keep the board at the height of 60-70 cm from the ground The carrom board game is popular in India, Pakistan, and other parts of South Asia.

carrom board

Objective of Carrom Board Game

In carrom, the objective is to strike the carrom men into the pockets using the striker, following a particular pattern or sequence. It is similar to games like billiards and pool. We can play the game in different formats such as with one player, two players, or on teams.

The player or team that is able to successfully pocket all of their carrom men first, wins. We can play this board game in different variations such as the international standard or the Indian style.  But the main goal is always to use the striker to pocket the carrom men into the pockets in a specific pattern or sequence.

Parts of Carrom Board

A standard carrom board has several distinct parts, including:

carrom board parts


The frame is the outermost part of the board and it is typically made of wood. It holds the board together and keeps the playing surface level.

Carrom coins

Coins are small, circular playing pieces used in the game of carrom.

Playing Surface

The playing surface is a flat and smooth surface on which players play together. It is usually made of a smooth, hard material, such as plywood. It is coated with a glossy finish to reduce friction.


Pockets are small openings located in each corner of the board. They are the queen pocket is a small-sized pocket that is situated at the midpoint of the board and used to sink the carrom men during the game.

Queen pocket

The queen pocket is a small-sized pocket that is situated at the midpoint of the board. It is used to sink the queen during the game.


The striker is a small, round disc that is used to strike the carrom men during the game.

Carrom men

Carrom men are small, round discs. These discs are used by the players to play the game. Players use these carrom men, which come in several different colors, to sink them in their pockets.


Carrom powder is used to dust the board and the carrom men to reduce friction, this is called a friction-reducing agent.

carrom board coins

Types or Variations of Carrom Games

There are six primary variations of carrom board games, which include:

1. Family Point Carrom

Simple Point Carrom, which is also called Family Point Carrom. This is a modification of the traditional carrom game. Many regions of South Asia commonly play this type of carrom. The purpose of the game is comparable to classic carrom. 

Using the striker, carrom men have to be placed in one of the four pockets on the board. However, this variant of carrom has some important differences in rules compared to classic carrom. In this variant of the carrom game, black has 5 points, white has 10 points, and the queen has 25 points. 

Additionally, players must pocket carrom men of any color after pocketing the queen to earn points for the queen. If the player does not fulfil the condition the queen returns back to the board again.  And finally, the player who gets the highest number of points from all the other players win the game.

2. Total Point Carrom

People in many areas of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan widely accept the Total point carrom variant of the game. In this variant, the black carrom men carries 5 points and the white carrom carries 10 points each. The red queen, which is a special carrom man, carries 50 points.

To score points, players have to pocket the queen using the carrom man. Players can choose to play the game in different formats, such as individual players or doubles. In doubles, two players play on the same team, and they take turns hitting the carrom men.

 Player or team who gets the total points first wins the game. After completing the first round, the player or team with the lowest score during the game has to put all of their carrom pieces in the middle of the board. 

The other players match that score in the center and then they play for the carrom man in the center. The process continues until one team or player scores all of the carrom pieces. This style of play makes the game more challenging and interesting.

3. Duboo

Duboo is a variation of the carrom game that is especially well-liked in Pakistan. Unlike traditional carrom, in which players aim to pocket the small disks. Players focus on sliding their striker disk across the board, pushing the carrom men towards the designated pockets. 

To accommodate this different method of play, Duboo boards are typically larger than traditional carrom boards. Duboo is a distinct and exciting variation of the game that adds an extra level of skill and strategy to the game. Many players in Pakistan enjoy Dubbo, which is a unique and entertaining variation of the carrom game.

4. Tokyu-Ban

The game of carrom, known as Tokyu-Ban in Japan, meaning “throwing a ball board” or “fighting a ball board”, was first introduced in the early 20th century. The Japanese population quickly gained popularity for the game and continues to enjoy it today.

Local communities and clubs often play this game and it serves as a common pastime for families and friends.

  5. Professional Carrom 

The standard version of carrom is the most popular version of the game worldwide. In this variant a specific colour of discs is assigned to players, and they only have to pocket the discs of that colour.

Furthermore, players have to pocket the queen before pocketing the last disc. And if they touch the last disc on the board before the queen goes into the pocket, they have to pay a penalty.

6. Point carrom

Point Carrom is a beloved version of the game, particularly among children. Many countries throughout East Asia extensively play it. In this game variation, players are able to pocket pucks of any color. The black puck is worth one point, the white puck is also worth one point, and the queen is worth a total of three points. The purpose of the point carrom game is for a player to score 21 points. The player who successfully reaches this score wins.


The carrom board is a unique piece of equipment that serves as the playing surface for the carrom board game. It typically measures about 29 inches in diameter and is made of high-quality wood, with four pockets placed at the corners of the board.

 The designer designed the board to provide a smooth playing surface that allows the wooden disks to glide across the board with ease, making it an essential component of the game.

 While the carrom board may seem simple, it is a crucial element of the game and its design greatly impact the overall gameplay experience. Whether you are a seasoned carrom player or a beginner, mastering the carrom board is essential for achieving success in the game.